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The Corporation

Founded in 1992, Shanghai Textile Development Corporation. Ltd is an investment management corporation affiliated to Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Corporation with a registration capital of 210 million yuan, devoted to such core trades as financial investments, high-end industries, housing development, etc.

The corporation owns 22 subsidiary companies, among which 3 are exclusively invested, 11 are held by the corporation, 5 are joint-stock companies and 3 are under trusteeship, with a total staff of 650. In the fiscal year 2006-2007, the company was rated A in credibility by Tax Bureau of Changning District.

With advantages in technology, management, funds and human resource, the corporation, since its establishment, has taken a leading position in the market, strengthened central businesses, enjoyed a steady increase in benefits and initiated a virtuous circle in development.

Main Subsidiaries

Shanghai FANG YIN LEEFUNG-ASCO Printing & Packing Co., LTD
Shanghai HUAFANG Real Estate Development Co., ltd
Shanghai ZHIYUAN Investment Management Co., ltd
Shanghai Textile Technology & Service Exhibition Center
Shanghai Textile Industrial Co. for Foreign Economic & Technological Coop.
Shanghai XINYU Development Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Organizational Structure

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